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When you run out of words

I found this to be the best free app for crossword solving out of all the ones I tried. The down side is there are words listed that have no definition. All in all I recommend this to crossword lovers.

Excellent Help

If you are stumped, this is a good, simple and fast helper.

Opens "mini games"

Trying to use, scrolling down screen, and it pops up "loading mini-game", and loads some other app. This is unusable for all the popups. Never another AFKSoft app. Never. Absolute fail.

Boo, hiss

This now requires iOS 10? Boo, hiss. I now delete you. Farewell.

Non stop pop up adds

Unusable. Non stop pop up ads.

Horrible pop-ups

Pop-ups are so bad I can't even use it!!

Avoid it completely!

It’s full of adds that keep trying to take you out off the app to buy or install something else.

Aargh! Pop up hell!!!

Used to be great, I used it to help me design puzzles. Haven't used it a some time, but now that I've come back to it, I've found it unusable. It hijacks my phone to a browser window of ads. I don't even have to touch the screen, I open the app and in a matter of seconds I'm whisked away to an ad. Close browser, back to app only to be spirited off again. I can't even get one play out of it before I'm off to view another ad. Useless to me. I'm killing it.

I use it everyday

My only problem is pop ups which are very annoying. Otherwise it is a great app.

Was an excellent app

Used to love this app. Now it's practically worthless. It redirects you to the app store before you are able to read through your word choices.

Deleted because it kept opening ads on Safari.

Could be very useful if it didn't keep redirecting.

Excellent. A must have for crossword addicts

Very helpful. Quick response. Huge vocabulary. Short definition for almost all words. If you do crosswords or word games, get it.

This App Has Been Wrecked-Look For a Competor

This was a great little App. Now it is unusable. I don't mind seeing adds, but it constantly takes you out of the App while your trying to use it to somewhere trying to sell you a game or something. It is really annoying!! Don't get it!

Could be 5 star

Great app that I use every day. But I have to delete it and reinstall when all the pop ups start. If they fix that part it's a five star app for sure!

Used to be good

Used to be good. Now ads pop up so often you can't even use the APP.

Going Crazy

I use this APP almost everyday and I don't mind the Ads. But, today it goes crazy every time I open it up. It sends me straight to the APP store and I am unable to use it. Please fix it.

It Helps a Lot

I've been using the app for several weeks with my crossword clues. Very good!

Resource for Learning New Words

I play quite a bit of Words with Friends. Sometimes, I stumble onto letter combinations that turn out like unexpectably to be acceptable. I make a point of looking up the meaning of those words, and this is a useful resource for that. When my opponents play words that I don't know, I also use this app as a resource to learn the meanings. I recommend this app highly.

Butterbean Express

Always helpful to finished a puzzle out


When you're stuck, turn to this app.

It works

I think it works I'm glad I have it ! Thanks

Great vocabulary

Works very well for helping to solve British crosswords.

Annoying sound effects

Nice app but very annoying sound effects with no way to kill them in the settings. Can you please offer a silent setting?

Love it!

I'm a crossword addict and use this app every day. It's easy to use and very comprehensive. Thanks for a great app!

Love it. Great App.

Does what it says it will do. Works when others fail.

Not good

Very annoying flashing yellow ad. I'm looking for a better solution. Why irritate potential clusters

Handy little helper app.

Very straightforward app. Wish I could choose special gaming dictionaries. Like scrabble or words with friends word lists.


Easy to use - just what it needs to be

Good App!

Great user interface and definitions.

Works well

Works well

Love it

Great for all word games

A great tool!

A well thought out tool for word games!

CW daily

I do the local crossword every morning. This is a strong help

Stay away!

Before the last update it was a 3 star. Missing MANY common words. Now with the update you get pop ups when idle.


It's very helpful


This app also helps with words with friends.

Handy & Quick

This app is very nice for one word clues. Screen/keyboard could be a little bigger, but, I'm getting used to it.

CW helper

Works great

Use it often

Like this app for all sorts of word games and puzzles. A bit limited when looking for proper names and definitions of some words. But overall I really enjoy going through the options, finding words I am looking for and learning new words.

Bunches of uses

I am always using this app for writing, for lots of word games. It is so much more than a crossword helper. It can be used as a game itself. It is fun to see if you can come up with words that may not be the norm. It can be used to jog that memory about a word you can kind of remember, but not quite. It is a way to check your spelling. It is a necessity for worders.


Best helper



Crossword Helper

I love this app! It is such a help to finish a crossword puzzle when I get stuck and an about to give up.


Retained a lot of hair thanks to this invaluable app!


Pretty good for free app. Does well with dictionary words but not with proper names or phrases. Have used dictionary function for general definitions & pleased with results.

Helpful but not great

Too many words with no definition. Would be good to incorporate Words with Friends

What happened?

Since the last update I've been unable to use this app---it keeps crashing. Very disappointing since it used to be a great app.


Very helpful tool.


Crashes frequently. Displays words with no definitions. Quite a few ads. Otherwise, it's a useful app.


Way to many ads!

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